Why Royal Coffee Roasters?

Royal Coffee Roasters specialises in quality artisan coffee. With various coffee beans and blends, we believe that we can create an outstanding coffee experience for you, providing only the perfect coffee according to your preferences. Whether you prefer whole coffee beans or grinded coffee, we will ensure that our coffee over-indulges your senses.

Although our top driving force is roasting speciality coffee, we also offer a breakfast and lunch menu to accompany your royal experience. A selection of coffee equipment can also be ordered from Royal Coffee Roasters should you want to brew your own perfect cup at home.

Quality Artisan Coffee

We hand-craft our coffee blends from only the finest coffee beans to offer you perfect quality, flavor, freshness and support. Our focus is providing the perfect bean-to-cup experience to coffee-fanatics, offices, restaurants, café's, and hotels.

Unique Café Experience

The smell of roast coffee fills up your senses as you walk into the door. Looking up to see murals on the wall fulled with their intense passion for coffee. Hearing the roaster in the left corner roasting the fresh coffee beans that have just arrived. With coffee from every corner of the globe displayed on their wall for you to have a unique experience of travelling without leaving the shop.

Online Coffee & Equipment

You may choose from our own selection of fresh roasted coffee with our three favourite coffee blends including Café Blend, Mocha Java and Black Gold. Alternatively, you may also create your own unique coffee blend that you can order repeatedly and in wholesale.