Our International Coffee Day Celebration with the best coffee beans in Johannesburg!


International Coffee Day is celebrated on 1st October annually. This year ICD weekend starts on Friday, 29 September and concludes on Sunday, 1 October. Thousands of individuals and coffee associations from around the world will come together to celebrate the third annual International Coffee Day. Royal Coffee Roasters in Edenvale, Johannesburg are proud to announce that we are celebrating this day with our heart and soul.

International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the coffee farm to your local shop. It’s an opportunity to honour those who grow and harvest the coffee we love.

Why does Royal Coffee Roasters celebrate International Coffee Day?

Royal Coffee Roasters appreciate superior quality coffee from around the world – from Colombia to India. Coffee is our way of life and we’re pretty sure that most of you can relate. We believe that it’s our contribution to a functioning world and a livelihood to many.

Can you imagine yourself without your first cup of coffee early in the morning or during the day? I’m sure that you too have no idea of how your day will proceed without it. Coffee isn’t just another enjoyable beverage, but rather a part of our daily lives – our strength, our social companion, our needed friend.

Coffee is important to us, and we realise its importance to you, hence the fresh hand-roasting method. It’s a culture, a lifestyle in various countries even though we all speak different languages, have diverse cultures – coffee remains our common interconnection.

This weekend, as with any other day, Royal Coffee Roasters invite you to our coffee shop at the Stoneridge Centre, in Greenstone Park, Edenvale. Choose your favourite coffee and enjoy with your fellow-coffee lovers. Take a selfie and post it to our Facebook page or tag us @www.royalcoffee.co.za to celebrate with us!

Royal Coffee Roasters Celebrates International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day Facts

The ICO launched the first official celebration of ICD in 2015, with a dedicated website featuring more than 70 events from 35 countries around the world. In 2016, nearly 130 events from 54 countries were posted on the ICD website. The ICO calls on private companies, independent businesses, public associations and all coffee lovers around the world to celebrate with an event or campaign.

  1. Coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, only behind petroleum.
  2. The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
  3. Legend has it a 9th-century Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee by accident when he noticed how crazy the beans were making his goats.
  4. In Japan, there is a Cat Cafe where you can go to drink coffee and hang out with cats for hours.
  5. Coffee is a psychoactive. At high doses, it can make you see things and can kill you.
  6. The lethal dose of caffeine is roughly 100 cups of coffee.
  7. A few hundred years ago a Turkish law made it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he did not bring home a daily quota of coffee.
  8. In Italy, the average Barista age is 48, and it is a very respected profession.
  9. The first webcam was invented at The University of Cambridge to let people know if their coffee pot was full or not.
  10. Espresso is regulated by the Italian government because it is considered an essential part of their daily life.