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We hand-craft our coffee blends from only the finest coffee beans to offer you perfect quality, flavour, freshness and support. Our focus is on providing the perfect bean-to-cup experience to coffee fanatics, offices, restaurants, café’s, and hotels.

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Meyersdal Square
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Randhart, Alberton

Since 2013

About Royal Coffee Roasters

At Royal Coffee Roasters we are obsessed with offering you perfection in a cup with the finest quality, exquisite flavour, and absolute freshness! We offer our own selection of hand-roasted blends, as well as offer our customers the opportunity to create their own unique blend that you can order regularly, ensuring perfect consistency every time!
To experience our unique offerings, feel free to drop in for a cuppa and let’s chat coffee!

Roasted Coffee at Royal coffee Roasters

Food Reimagined

Our talented Chef and friendly staff will treat you to the most scrumptious sweet treats to delicious meals. Sit-down and enjoy a cuppa with something to eat!

Fresh Ingredients

We only use seasonally fresh veggies and fruit in our meals. Our cheese, meats and bread are sourced fresh and used per order.

This ensures amazingly delicious food!

Off the Menu

We love creating new dishes at the Café to bring in something special, seasonal warmth or a past favourite! Check our Facebook page for mouthwatering photos!


Any Day,
Any Time!

Craving a delightful start to your day? Royal Coffee Roastery offers more than just the perfect cup. Pop in for a delicious breakfast or a satisfying lunch, or indulge any time with a delectable cake or pastry. And of course, every visit is paired with our expertly roasted coffee, guaranteed to fuel your day or provide a delightful afternoon pick-me-up.

Breakfast at Royal Coffee Roastery


From traditional South African breakfast to flapjacks piled high with a berry compote. We offer small breakies like Oats or smoothies and for our hungrier champs a lekker Boerewors Breakie!

Lunch at Royal Coffee Roastery<br />


A delicious selection of lunch options to satisfy any craving. Choose from gourmet sandwiches piled high with savoury ingredients,  crisp salad bursting with flavour or the Royal Burger!

Cakes at Royal Coffee Roastery


Our pastry case is overflowing with tempting treats, from decadent cakes layered with fresh fruit to flaky croissants and muffins bursting with flavor. Pair your sweet selection with a latte or cappuccino for a delightful afternoon break or a perfect ending to any meal.


What We’re Known For


Royal Espresso

This is our own blend and is a popular choice for most of our customers when ordering online or buying in the shop aka the Roasting Cave!

Royal Coffee Roasters Royal Espresso


New Roast of the Month

Every month we like to import a new coffee variety to roast inhouse.
It’s usually something very special, made in small batches and sold very quickly! 


Amazing Food!

We not only Roast the most amazing high quality coffee, our kitchen staff make the most amazing meals! Pop in and find out!

Royal Coffee Roasters Alberton Inside Seating Area

What our customers say


We’ve served thousands of customers both online and in person at our Royal Coffee Roasters cafe! We’ve had hundreds of in-person compliments about our great, attentive staff, wonderful coffee from our baristas as well as positive ravings for our talented kitchen staff.

Here is a sample of these testimonies!

Royal Coffee Cup with Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Trevor W Sturgess

Customer at RCR

Royal Coffee Cup with Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

HJ Nel

Customer at RCR

Amazing coffee shop with quality coffee. I had an Eggs Benedict which was great. Definitely recommend it.

Royal Coffee Cup with Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Tara Benn

Customer at RCR

Best coffee ever, and the coffee shakes are Devine!!!! Best coffee. Best iced coffee

Royal Coffee Cup with Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans


Online Customer

When I place an order online I’m always pleased to see my order within a day or two! The bag smells amazing when I open it and I know it’s freshly roasted. My family and friends always ask me where I buy my coffee from. 

I absolutely love going to Royal Coffee Shop for their Iced Latte!


News & Events

As long as there was coffee in the world,
how bad could things be?


Royal Coffee Roasters promise to bring you the very best in how-to-guide, interesting information, coffee recipes and a whole lot more.

Smell good coffee for a Positive Sensation

Coffee clearly has many effects on the body but one that is our absolute favourite is how the aromas affect your brain. When you walk into our doors and the smell dances around your nose, the brain changes, dormant genes are activated and you still get a boost....

Latte Art for Royals

Latte Art if you don’t know, is a method of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso in a certain way, resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the delicious drink. That is the traditional technique and can also be known as free pouring. Latte Art can...

How to brew Productivity at Work

The expectation of office coffee has changed. Coffee has become an experience, an ultimate indulgence, one that almost every employee enjoys. It’s no longer just a drink between shifts. It is an awesome team builder and a way for employees to recharge and connect....

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We Can’t Wait for you to fall in love with our coffee!

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