Latte Art if you don’t know, is a method of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso in a certain way, resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the delicious drink. That is the traditional technique and can also be known as free pouring.

Latte Art can also be done using a technique called etching. Etching involves drawing an image into the latte with a thin, sharp instrument (sometimes, even a toothpick).
Free pouring is more common – namely the heart shape and the Rosetta which looks like a fern design.

Whilst with etching one can create a variety of designs such as animals like our Royal Coffee Roasters baristas created.

Who doesn’t enjoy their latte a little bit more when the barista goes to the trouble of adding a delicate design to the top of the foam?

Now we know latte art is nice to look at but one does not taste with their eyes. If you have good latte art, it means you’ve properly textured your milk, which is one part of the equation. Hopefully, you meet that with coffee that is as good as The Royal Blend.



Date of Original Article: 22.02.17