Coffee clearly has many effects on the body but one that is our absolute favourite is how the aromas affect your brain. When you walk into our doors and the smell dances around your nose, the brain changes, dormant genes are activated and you still get a boost.
Scientists have concluded that the possible reinforcing effects of coffee may not be due to the caffeine per se but to the pleasurable aroma and taste coffee.

Not only does smelling coffee activate specific genes and proteins to go to work that potentially allow you to better cope with stress but it can also essentially give you the emotional response you want if you create a positively charged emotional environment to essentially create your way to a good feeling.

Coffee Aroma
Our coffee has some smells that you might be eagerly awaiting to try….

  • Guatemala City Roast – Sweet chocolaty aroma
  • Colombia Bucuramanga – Fruity aroma
  • Brazil Full Roast – Nutty Aroma
  • Ethiopia – Clean sweet (citrusy) aroma
  • Uganda Bugisu- Dark chocolate aroma
  • Indonesia – Fruity aroma
  • India Plantation -Spicy aroma
  • Kenya – Sweet fruity aroma
  • Costa Rica City Roast – Slight caramel aroma
  • Nicaragua Medium Roast – Sweet aroma with fruit notes
  • Not only can you drink coffee for healthy benefits, but you can also sniff its delightful aromas to shield your body from free radical damage through healthful antioxidant protection!

Royal Coffee Roasters provides you with detailed information on each coffee profile including the origin, region, grade, altitude and more. Explore the different coffee profiles and find out what your coffee taste is.

Explore our coffee profiles in the comfort of your own home!

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, stop at our coffee shop and smell it occasionally! Your brain will thank you.


Date of original Article: 21.09.17