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A Guide to Coffee Flavour Profiles

As coffee lovers, we know that there is a broad range of characteristics that you can find in coffee.

From earthy tones, sweet fruity flavours, to floral and tea-like aromatics, there is an incredible spectrum of taste experiences through coffee.

The Tasting Wheel below will help you identify the profile and associated flavours. 




Coffee Flavour Profiles

Coffee also happens to be one of the most complex beverages in existence. It’s not easy to understand and a true coffee lover’s “favourite” coffee can change daily. Important factors like the country it was grown in, how it was processed, roasted and brewed all affect the flavour profile and ultimately how it tastes in your cup.

Coffee Profiles

Coffee is the liquid that connects us, the richness of life itself pooled in our favourite cups. Coffee is also one of the most consumed beverages in the world and a unique opportunity to connect with other humans, where every cent counts and personal ritual impacts us all.

taste wheel

Every one of us have different memories we associate with coffee. Usually they boil down to a moment of stillness in the vortex of modern life, a slice of reality shared with others in an era of surface connection.

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Coffee Taste Wheel

Which Coffee is

Perfect for you

The production and consumption of coffee worldwide are increasing rapidly. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just a lover of coffee it may benefit you to know the different types of coffee profiles – helping you to determine which coffee is perfect for you.

Why we’re different

Royal Coffee Roasters provides you with detailed information on each coffee profile including the origin, region, grade, altitude and more. Explore the different coffee profiles and find out what your coffee taste is.

Royal Coffee Profiles and Tasting Wheel

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Our Signature Blended Coffee

Royal Coffee Roasters Black Gold Medium Dark Roast

Black Gold

Hints of apricot and toffee followed by a warm, sweet caramel taste. Whether you drink this as a cappuccino or a black coffee, this coffee is outstanding!

Royal Coffee Roasters Cafe Blend Medium Roast

Café Blend

With tropical fruits upfront and a sweet rich chocolate finish that lingers in your mouth. It will bring you back to that time you ate the entire packet of chocolate – all by yourself!

Royal Coffee Roasters Royal Espresso

Royal Espresso

Hints of toasted nuts, caramel and a subtle touch of dark chocolate. This blend is made with precision and dedication by our coffee experts for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, office or café.

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Our Single Origin Coffee

Royal Coffee Roasters brazil medium dark Roast

Brazil - Medium Dark Roast

Mild cocoa powder, raw nuts in aroma. Mild fruity flavour, low malic acidity and slightly creamy.

Royal Coffee Roasters Colombia Dark Roast

Columbia - Dark Roast

Chocolaty aroma hints of fruits. Complex stoned fruits in flavour, medium malic acidity with a creamy chocolaty aftertaste.


Columbia Co2 Decaf - Med-Dark

Bold, chocolaty notes aroma. Mildly fruity in flavour, mild acidity with a lingering dark chocolaty aftertaste.

Royal Coffee Roasters - Costa Rica medium dark roast Coffee

Costa Rica - Dark Roast

Costa Rica/San Rafael Tarrazu/SHB/EP/W Arabica:
Sweet, cocoa, nuts, delicate fruity notes, creamy body.

Royal Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Medium Dark Roast

Ethiopia - Med-Dark Roast

Floral tea rose aroma with apricoty notes. Mild citric acidity with mild body. Fruited lime on the flavour and a clean aftertaste.

Royal Coffee Roasters Guatemala medium Dark Roast

Guatemala - Med-Dark

Nuts, cocoa aroma. Fruited, sweet, nuts in flavour , medium malic acidity, creamy mouthfeel.

Royal Coffee Roasters Honduras Organic

Honduras - Med- Dark Roast

Toasty aroma with hints of nuts. Marzipan in flavour, medium malic acidity with a clean creamy aftertaste.

Royal Coffee Roasters Kenya Blue Mountain

Kenya Blue Mountain - Med-Dark

Bold dark chocolaty aroma. Fruity, sweet marmalade-like notes in the flavour. Medium malic acidity leaving a creamy lingering finish.

Royal Coffee Roasters Tanzania

Tanzania - Medium Roast

Deep toasty, floral notes in the aroma. Juicy flavour, medium citric acidity with clean lingering cocoa powder mouthfeel.

Royal Coffee Roasters Uganda

Uganda - Med-Dark Roast

Mildly fruited, chocolaty aroma. Spicy notes in flavour, mildly phosphoric acidity with a lingering chocolaty aftertaste.

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